Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First Review: Bad Dragon Terra The Amazon Wyvern - Small size, Medium Firmness

For my first review, I'm reviewing Bad Dragon's "Terra the Amazon Wyvern", medium firmness and small size. The color is labeled as "Rogue". This particular model came from the "Flops" section of the Adoptions page. The "flop" which regulated this one to the discount page is a bit of an error in the base, with a little nubbin of extra silicone, which is entirely cosmetic. This is actually my second Bad Dragon purchase. I also have an Ice Dragon (since renamed "Kelvin the Ice Dragon") from when they were only offered in one size. Sometime, I'll do a review of that one as well.

Now, some stats (provided by Bad Dragon on the product page. *-marked ones are for the one I have):

Dimensions (inches)Small*MediumLargeExtra Large
Diameter of Head1.25*1.501.752.25
Diameter of Shaft1.75*2.252.753.50
Diameter of Knot2.00*2.503.004.00
Usable Length5.25*6.608.0010.00
Circumference of Head3.75*4.756.007.50
Circumference of Shaft5.00*6.507.759.50
Circumference of Knot6.00*7.509.2511.50
Total Length6.25*8.009.7512.00

First Impressions:
-It's squishier than my Ice Dragon, but still firm enough to stand up on its own, which I like.
-The knot has about an inch of toy below it before the base begins.
-Oh, sweet merciful Primus, I'd forgotten how nice the silicone Bad Dragon uses feels against my skin! Very much love!
-It has a good heft for its size.
-It's wiggly, which is likely due to the firmness.
-Texturally, I really like how it feels when I run my fingers over the surface with the ridges and veins.

Post-Use (vaginally):
- Note to self, next time, get the medium size.
-I could barely feel it inside me until I broke out a vibrator and had already started going to town with both toys. This is likely entirely due to many years of toy use and how turned on I was at the time.
-The knot felt good going in after I was worked up a second time, but again, I'm going to get the medium size next time, to see  if that makes a difference.
-The nice, wide base provides a good surface to grip, meaning it can really deliver.

The only reason I didn't try this one anally is because I really wasn't in the mood for butt stuff at the time. A future, more thorough review, when I'm more in the mood for butt stuff, will happen. So... consider this a mostly complete review, I guess.

For someone who's not had as many toys in them as me, I would definitely recommend the small size. Maybe if I take a break for a few weeks, I might be able to appreciate this toy all the better. It's not a bad design, and I'll definitely be adding another one (or maybe more! :D) to my collection in the future.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

About (NSFW)

So what is "Autobot After Dark"? Well, to be blunt, it's a blog about sex toys. Namely those I've bought for myself and tried, though on occasion, I'll either have guests commentating, or I'll link to sites that pertain to health for people who have vaginas, ovaries, and uteri (uteruses? What's the plural for uterus?). This blog is going to be covering topics such as gender and gender expression as well as sexual orientation, sexual attraction, romantic attraction, and related topics. This blog will most definitely be NSFW, and is entirely going to be my opinion unless otherwise stated. I will do my best to research things to the fullest extent, and will always cite my resources when doing researched articles. I expect to post maybe once a week, sometimes twice a week if something comes up that I feel is important.